End of Year Exhibition

Sunday 15th December, 6.30-8.30pm

Deadline for entries: Sunday 24th November

I warmly invite you to enter your artwork for Cardiff Artspace’s End of Year Exhibition! 

The exhibition will be held at Meanwhile House and we’ll be taking over the downstairs foyer and main corridor, turning it into a beautiful gallery space to show off your wonderful works!

There is no charge to take part and no restrictions on ability or experience to enter the exhibition. It is open to any and all students and as long as your work fits the criteria below, it will be shown. 

Artwork criteria:

  • Your work must be 2D and able to be wall mounted. If you are able to frame your piece that would be the best option for hanging and protecting your work. You can get inexpensive frames from somewhere like IKEA that would do the job. Unframed works will still be accepted but will be attached to the wall using pins or adhesive and may be more likely to suffer damage.

  •  Your work must be no bigger than A2 in size (60x60cm)

  • Your work can be of any subject in any medium. It does not have to have been produced in an Artspace class. If you have done work at home that you’d like to exhibit that is also acceptable!

  • You may submit a maximum of two artworks to display

How to enter your artwork:

  1. Email a photograph of your chosen artwork/s to info@cardiffartspace.co.uk by Sunday 24th November
    Please include the following information in your email:
    - Artist Name (the name you would like displayed next to your work)
    - Artwork Title (if it has one!)
    - Medium (e.g. acrylic, watercolour, pen & ink)
    - Artwork Size
    - Whether your piece will be framed or unframed
    - Your contact number (this will only be used by me if I need to get in touch about the exhibition)

  2. Wrap and label your work. To prevent damage please wrap your work in bubblewrap or paper layers. Then make sure you have labeled the outside of your work with the following information:
    - Artist Name the name you would like displayed next to your work)
    - Artwork Title (if it has one!)
    - Medium (e.g. acrylic, watercolour, pen & ink)

  3. Deliver your artwork/s to Meanwhile House Cardiff on either Saturday 30th November or Sunday 1st December between 12 noon and 5pm  

(If you are unable to deliver your work on these dates email me at info@cardiffartspace.co.uk and we can try to make an alternative arrangement but please only do this if absolutely necessary!)

  1. After the exhibition your work must be collected from Meanwhile House. You can pick up your work on Wednesday 18th December, between 10am and 7pm. If you are unable to collect the work on this date please let me know in advance as I will only be able to hold uncollected works for a maximum of one week after the exhibition.

The exhibition will open on Sunday 15th December at 6.30pm. 

Please invite friends and family to come along to celebrate the end of the year, view your artworks and enjoy the refreshments!

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Display/Framing
    By entering your artwork into the exhibition you give permission for me to hang the piece as I see fit. All artwork should be presented to the highest quality possible and safe to hang/display. For unframed artworks this may include pins or adhesive from behind. All care will be taken to safeguard the work from damage but you accept that there is some risk of damage to artworks displayed during the exhibition.
  2. Delivery and Collection of Work 
    The artwork needs to reach me by the deadlines allocated above. Any submission after these times will not be hung. I cannot guarantee the safety of any artwork not collected by the collection date and can only hold artworks for a maximum of one week after the exhibition.
  3. Work will be exhibited at my discretion and no work will be hung which is not age/culturally appropriate or may cause offense. 

If you have any queries about taking part in the exhibition please email me on info@cardiffartspace.co.uk

I look forward to seeing your work!